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Tamara Taylor

"Doc T"

I specialize in decoding and analyzing the meanings behind  what  people SAY and DON'T SAY as well as what people DO and DON'T DO (mind-behavior). This allows me to teach people how to (1) understand themselves and others, (2) rewire their minds, (3) change their behaviors, (4) create more pleasant and meaningful experiences for themselves and others.

Science > Psychology > Metaphysics of Mental Health

Science > Psychology > Metaphysics of Human Behavior

I go outside of the textbook teachings and applications of the mind, human behavior, psychology, and mental health to introduce people to integrated and holistic applications for achieving mind-behavior alignment (MBA) and mental health. This literally rewires the mind and transform human behavior to help people create more pleasant and meaningful experiences. In  being a mind-behavior expert there a numerous ways and industries in which I apply my skills. So, I have built my practice to extend into sports, writing and publishing, and educating.

"Doc T"


Sports Neuropsychologist (current)

Owner of TTE Sports Psychology


Sports Neuropsychologist


Executive Director of TTE SportsMINDED camps


Sports Experience


  • Athlete since age 5

  • Played softball, volleyball, track and field, and basketball

  • Earned an athletic scholarship to the University of  Houston (basketball)

  • Played in NCAA Women's Basketball Tournament

  • Coached volleyball, boys' basketball, and girls' basketball

Mind-Behavior Publisher (current)

Owner of TTE Publishing (mind-behavior health)


Published Works

  • "Will You Play With Me?"

Author Mrs. American Dream / Autism Awareness

  • "Amayia & Friends See A Counselor"

Author Dr. Tiffany Young, LPC-S

School-Based Mental Health


  • "Mindset Reset"

Author Dr. Tiffany Young, LPC-S

Trauma Recovery for Teens

  • ABCs of Counseling and Social Skills

Author Dr. Hope Pamplin, LPC

School-Based Social-Emotional Learning

  • Rebound to Rebound: A Walk In My Ragged Torn Shoes

Author Gale Blake / Domestic Abuse Recovery

Mind-Behavior Educator (current)

"Coded Language"

YouTube Channel


Professional & Personal Development Trainer


Mind-Behavior Decoder & Analyst



Behavior Specialist



Psychology Professor


Crisis Prevention & Intervention Instructor


Special Education Teacher K-12